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For the safety of your family, neighborhood, community and our employees,
please bag & tie and place garbage in container and shut the lid. 

This will help limit everyone's exposure to Covid-19. 
Until further notice, our office is closed to walk-in traffic.
A message regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19)


Winter Service Tips for Commercial Customers

To ensure you receive the best possible service from us during times of extreme weather, and to keep everyone safe, please help us by following a few safety guidelines.T

Clear Space for Collection Trucks

Make sure access to your facility is plowed and heavily sanded, and there is adequate space for waste trucks to turn around.     

 Remove Snow from Dumpster Area

Clear Access to Containers the Night Before

Please remove snow away from your dumpster and sand heavily in areas needed for traction. Excess snow will prevent both your employees and ours from accessing the containment area. This includes the gates, inside the enclosure, and the direct path that leads to it. 

If your enclosure has doors with pins or rods that insert into the ground, there is a chance they can freeze, preventing us from accessing your dumpster. Please place salt around those enclosure door pins and rods.

If your garbage and recycling containers are stuck in snow and ice or not accessible on your collection day, we may not be able to provide service. In the event that happens, we can schedule service for a later date.

Bag Garbage & Close Lids

Please bag your garbage and close lids of the container after use.  Open lids allow snow and rain to collect in the container. Exposed wet items freeze to your dumpster in cold winter temperatures. Un-bagged garbage can freeze in the containers, making it difficult for our drivers to safely empty your frozen dumpster. Un-bagged trash can also lead to waste being left behind after pick-up. 

Bagging the garbage will keep your container smelling cleaner and help us do our jobs more efficiently. This will also prevent loose debris from blowing around your neighborhood from the wind.

Together, we can keep everyone safe, and service your collection needs.


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