Drop Off Christmas Lights for Recycling

Recycling Christmas lights is easy, environmentally friendly.

It would be hard to imagine a holiday season without Christmas lights strung around the house and the tree. But after Christmas, sometimes it’s hard to imagine what to do with the tangled mess of lights that seems to grow with each passing year.

If you’re ready to update your holiday lights and get the old ones permanently out of the garage, think recycling, not trash.

**NOTE: Christmas Lights are NOT allowed
 in Waste Connections’ Recycling Containers

First things first – don’t thrown those old Christmas light in the trash. Christmas lights are made with materials that can be recycled and shouldn’t wind up in the landfill. The wire itself is coated copper, the lights are plastic or glass and the sockets are likely brass. Even though that tangled assortment of Christmas lights might look like more work than it’s worth, don’t be fooled - recycling is worth it!

Christmas lights are recycled like many other products – the good material is separated from the less desirable material. In the case of Christmas lights, the copper wiring is the main prize and fetches the highest return. After the wire is recovered, the plastics and other recyclables are collected and turned into new, unique environmentally friendly products (maybe even more Christmas lights).

While Christmas lights cannot be placed in single stream recycling containers, it’s worth the extra effort to reduce the impact on the environment by recycling them.


Visit the Metro Waste Authority site for guidelines.

Drop them off at Metro Waste Authority – Hazardous Waste Sites

According to their national websites, Christmas lights can be dropped off at:

  •  Lowe’s Customer Service through Dec. 24, 2016
  • The Home Depot through Dec. 14, 2016

Both Lowe’s and The Home Depot have accepted lights in the past and both have other in-store programs designed to reduce our impact on the environment.

 **NOTE: Christmas Lights are NOT allowed
     in Waste Connections’ Recycling Containers


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